Guest Post: The Life of a Nerd

 My eldest daughter, Missy, favors us with her thoughts on Nerddom.  The piece de resistance is the movie she created, linked to at the end of this post.  Don’t miss the outtakes at the end! 

Being in GT (Gifted and Talented) gives S, T, and me many chances to ponder on the life of nerds. Whenever we see someone dinking around with batteries and motors and trying to make some sort of electrical device T says in an Australian accent, “Crikey mates! It’s a nerd in his natural habitat!”

Sadly enough, GT is not the first place I have been exposed to true nerds. Like my dad says, “If nerds were cool, our family would be the coolest.” Notice the small Star Trek ship that plays the Star Trek theme when T pushes a button. That ship is part of a collection of Star Trek Christmas ornaments our family owns and proudly displays on our Christmas tree every year. My father’s bookshelf cannot hold all of his sci-fi and fantasy books…however, one book that he does have on his shelf is a rare Star Trek log book, which he told me I could read if I was EXTREMELY careful. And, both my parents at one time knew how to speak some Klingon.

I must admit that I am not exempt from being a nerd myself. My favorite movies are the original Star Wars triliogy, and I have been a Star Trek Starfleet Command Officer for Halloween for the past two years. Shas tried again and again to save me from my nerdiness. She rolls her eyes and says, sighing, “Missy, you’re a Star Trek guy AGAIN for Halloween? Why would you want to be that? Star Trek is LAME.” But in the end, I do what I want and S is my best friend anyway, as long as I know that on the path to true and complete nerdiness I walk alone.

Comic Book Necia


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