A Dam Fine Day; or, Summer’s Here!

‘Long about February, the kids start asking me when we’re going to Black Canyon Reservoir (known around here as “the dam”).   Even though I live in the high desert of a landlocked state, we’ve got a great little beach less than ten minutes from my house, and it is never busy on summer weekdays.   It feels like our own little secret when we go.  Today was our first sojourn to the dam, and we had the beach all to ourselves (and our friends that met us there):
The water is still cold, so The Three Nerds were trepidatious:
But in the end, they succumbed:
Then there’s the “don’t let my arms touch the cold water” stage:
Gavin was outnumbered by girls 9-1, which is not an infrequent occurance. In fact, when he was chosen to pick an action for the “Fun To Do” song in Primary, he chose “playing with girls.” His default choice, however, is to do his boy thing alone:
Madame Chaos kept her swimsuit on long enough for me to get this photo, then it was strip-to-the-swimdiaper, her outfit of choice for the rest of the day:
This scene is how I know summer is REALLY here; with dam days, floating the river (the Payette runs lazily through our town) and swim lessons, our front porch becomes a clothesline for beach towels (and the van a sand haven) until September:
I love it!  Let the sunburns begin!


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