Boots and Britches: A County Fair Update

boots and britches

So my eldest daughter did a fine turn in the queening contest during the county fair.  Excellent horsemanship and speech delivery, and she looked beautiful in her various outfits of glitter and fringe, the two most common accessories for RQ wannabes.  Here are some highlights:


queen contestants

rodeo queen2
OOOOOPPPS! How’d that get there?


As it turned out, Necia didn’t place in the contest.  However, she had a great time, learned a lot, and plans on competing again next year.  We were very proud!

We were also proud of the pile of ribbons our family brought home from the fair.  Missy and Kiwi brought home many awards in their 4-H competitions, including a first-place embroidered saddle blanket Missy won in Western Reining (it’s the blue one visible in the first photo).  I got blue ribbons for the two quilts I entered, and Kiwi got a blue ribbon for her pencil drawing of an elf. Here is Kiwi with her Grandpa and her horse, Dea, and one of her ribbons:


Our little county fair gets fewer and fewer entries every year, it seems.  I heard one display manager lament to another, “This is the worst year yet!”  Part of it is that some artists like to compete in Boise’s Western Idaho Fair instead, which is much larger and has more competition.  But I think another aspect is the fading heritage of the county fair:  as more orchards and farmland get gobbled up for subdivisions for people who work (and usually shop and socialize) in Boise, the fair becomes less an end-of-summer gathering celebration and more of a rural oddity.  Unfortunate,  since an Idaho county fair must have rockin’ displays like these from the Spud contest:




One of my favorite displays, however, was this unintentional one in the calf barn, highlighting the long, hot days of fairgoing:


Until next year!


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