Each of my six children has his or her own Nativity Set, courtesy of their Nana and Uncle Mike. Getting out the little figures is a highlight of their Christmas season, and the configurations they come up with to pose Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, and the various shepherds, wise men, and animals know no bounds.

It was no surprise to come upon this new placement of nearly all the figures, marching in a tidy line from the phone to the fabulous 70’s ceramic tree to pay homage to its vintage awesomeness:


But wait! What’s that shiny thing, two places behind Headless Shepherd and three places in front of the Holy (Blond!) Twins?
Snoopy, is that you?


1 Comment

  1. idahospud said,

    January 1, 2009 at 2:49 pm

    My kids inform me that they were playing that LIttle Drummer Boy, there at the head of the line, was holding a pot of soup and everyone was queuing up for a helping. I guess the reality of the recession hits even the Resin Ones! Poor Snoopy–you think his income would keep him out of a soup line.

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