Bleeding Hearts

I got these from my friend Sharon this spring; when she moved she told me I could dig them up from her yard! This mild, wet spring has been great for this plant and has meant I’ve had bleeding heart blooms clear through the end of May, and probably into June!



“You are getting verrrrrryyy sleeeepppyyyyy . . . “

I was in charge of staffing the seniors’ graduation all-night party, which was about as much fun for the parent volunteers as it was for the kids! There were lots of activities throughout the night, and at 1:30, we had a hypnotist come in. Here are the kids getting comfy.

And a bit more so . . . .

Now having a little fun being The Village People performing YMCA:

And now performing as the World’s Mr. and Ms. Universe champions:


Last Day of School

My elementary kids all wanted a little something special for their hair today–I took this just as they were headed for the bus.



EHS’s band was selected to represent the state of Idaho in Washington D.C. this coming weekend for Memorial Day. The only problem was, this weekend is also graduation, so the seniors had to decide whether to go to D.C. for this amazing honor, or to stay home and enjoy their graduation ceremony and all-night party! Necia chose to stay home, but Kira is heading out–tonight the band gave us a farewell performance of their 8 patriotic pieces at the park bandshell. They’ll be great!

Madelyn and Kira, inseperable since age 2, will be rooming and roaming together on their trip. Aren’t they gorgeous??



I went to the Jr. High Honors Assembly this morning to watch Kira receive academic awards as well as this award for the Outstanding Music Student of the year. Kira has been carrying the alto section of the Honor Choir, and her choreography of the choir’s performance of Phantom of the Opera cinched the deal. I’m a proud, proud mama!

And . . . don’tcha love the Klingon shirt paired with purple Converse?? Q’pla’!


Winding Down

I’m going to miss Devony’s first grade class! I was room mom and I went in on Mondays to help with the reading groups and assessments. I was talking with Mrs. Kunka about what a different creature a first-grade graduate is from the newly-minted first-grader in August. They are so much bigger, more confident, and the amount of knowlege they have amassed is easily measureable. I love these kids!

Ayla’s class took part in the fifth-grade field day at the high school, but I didn’t get to stay long because of my first-grade duties. These kids are looking so grown up!


Garden Party

I know I keep complaining about the cooler-than-normal spring, but I’ve been itching to get the garden in since April! Tonight we finally got everything planted. We already had peas, onions, and some herbs in, but we added tomatoes, peppers, parsley, basil, cucumbers, yellow crookneck squash, zucchini, watermelon, pumpkins, and cantaloupe. Yahoo!

Another photo:



We brought our calves in from Grandpa’s house; Ayla has already named them Rocky Road, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Yogurt. I just love Rocky Road’s markings. They are all tame and friendly.

John has their pastures all set up so they’ll rotate through three one-acre lots throughout the summer. It makes me happy to think of them having so much food; how would it be to stand in food up to your belly?



The photo I really wanted to take today was one which eluded me. I spent the day with Necia, Olivia, and Josh at the College of Idaho while they registered, worked out their financial aid packages, met their advisors, toured the dorms, etc. I wanted to get photos of them outside the dorm or by the C of I sign or something, but it was pouring rain (highs in the 40s and 50s! In late MAY!) and so I didn’t make them pose.

The photo I did get, then, is Devony wearing four of the wire rings I made this evening in an attempt to learn to make wire-wrapped jewelry (mostly rings, probably). They weren’t too hard, and were fun. When I was in high school, I bought some rings like these and just loved them, wearing them until they were so bent and warped that I had to get rid of them. I’ve always wanted to learn to make them.


First Rose!

This cold spring we’ve been having means that everything is late–combine that with a hard pruning I gave all my roses and I’ve had to wait much longer than usual for my first rose of the year. I have about 25 rose bushes, and many of the bud heads are really bulging, but these blooms on my Everblooming Cecile Brunner are the first to unfurl. Hurrah!

I don’t really like the composition of this photo–I’m using my 50mm prime lens rather than my zoom lens–so I cropped it down to just one bud in the photo below, but I’m not loving that one either because of the big old white railing right down the middle. Ah well.

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