Another Project Finished

Most of my quilting projects this summer have been for other people. I just finished this one, made for a beloved girl heading to college tomorrow. Her mom saved her jeans and pants and had me make this:

Kelsey's jeans quilt

Thanks for holding it up, LouLou!

With the exception of two pockets that I sewed closed (they gapped goofily), all the pockets and buttons are functional.

Kelsey 2

I would have liked to include more buttons and snaps and rivets, but since this is supposed to be a comfortable and functional quilt, I only included one square with major hardware, near one corner:

Kelsey 3

I wanted to make the quilt more interesting so I cut out some circles from the pants’ leftovers, and appliqued them on. When the quilt is washed, the edges of the circles will fray groovily.

Kelsey 4

I liked the labels so I cut them off the jeans and resewed them on individual squares.


The quilt is backed with a soft and fuzzy polyester that should wear like iron.


A fun project!  And thank you, LouLou and Madame Chaos for the display help!